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Concrete mixing station various models of interpretation method
Public date:2018/5/16   Hits:615
The concrete mixing station is a kind of concrete mixing equipment. The specifications of the mixing station are named according to the discharge size. For example: HZS120. The output is 120 cubic meters per hour. Common specifications of the mixing station are: HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS150, HZS180, HZS240 and so on.
Group code HZ is the concrete mixing station, HL is the concrete mixing building; the number of installed stations is in Arabic numerals, and the stand-alone machine can be omitted; the mixer type code S is the double-horizontal shaft type, D is the single horizontal shaft type, T is the planetary type, and W is the vortex Pulp type, F is cone-shaped inclined discharge type, Z is cone-shaped reverse discharge type; main parameter code is productivity, unit m3/h;
Take HZS180 model mixing station as an example:
H Z S 180
among them:
(1) H - Concrete
(2) Z - indicates a mixing station, and if it is a mixing building, it is represented by the letter L
(3) S—indicates that the configured mixer (main machine) is a forced double-horizontal shaft machine. If it is a mandatory single-horizontal shaft machine, it is represented by the letter D.
(4) 180—Indicates that a 3m3 mixer theoretically produces 3m3 ash per minute, 60 minutes for one hour and 60 minutes, and 60 ash shots. The corresponding concrete that can be produced is 3×60=180 m3.
If “2” is added before these symbols, it indicates that the configuration of the mixing station is a dual-unit (two-line), and if the two-machine 180 stations are represented as 2HZS360.
In fact, an HZS180 concrete batching plant production line cannot produce 180m3 of concrete per hour under normal circumstances. In GB/T 10171, it is stipulated that if a forced mixing machine is used in a periodic mixing plant, the number of its working cycles shall be ≥40 times/h when the main machine is 1.5m3~2m3, and the minimum is 120 stations equipped with 2m3 engines. The amount of ash should be ≥ 80m3/h, and when the host is greater than 2m3 to 4m3, it should be ≥ 35 times/h.
The product of the mixing plant is ready-mixed (fresh) concrete. The so-called ready-mixed concrete refers to the unqualified and qualified homogenous concrete, which is also called commodity concrete. The so-called homogeneous concrete refers to the relative error of concrete mortar density is less than 0.8%, the relative error of the mass of concrete in unit volume of concrete is not more than 5% of the concrete.
 The main difference between a mixing station and a mixing chamber is that the mixing station is divided into a main building and a warehouse where aggregates are stored. If you put the ground bins storing aggregates on of the main mixing tower, it is a mixing tower. Statistically speaking, the number of customers building a mixing plant is much greater than building a mixing plant. The reason is that the total investment for building a mixing plant is small and the construction time is short.
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