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Wheel Loader Operation and Use in Construction
Public date:2018/5/16   Hits674
Each industry has its own characteristics and application skills. To achieve a good level of skills, first of all, it should have good professional ethics and professionalism, and progress and study. As a driving operator of loaders in special industries, in addition to the above professional ethics and professionalism, they should pay attention to the following aspects of learning.
The main components, system names, structures, and working principles are used to correctly determine the faults and elimination of various parts and systems so that the skill level of faults can be judged by seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and feeling.
To determine which system or part has failed or is about to fail, maintenance, repairs, and maintenance should be done in advance to reduce mechanical damage and repair costs.
The skill level of a loader operator can be seen more clearly in difficult and dangerous locations. For example, in a pile of sand piles of more than 6 meters in height, the loader has to build a road from the bottom to the . It looks very simple, but the loader operating the driver without a certain skill level can not be opened. This principle is the same as the car. Walking on the slope, the same performance of the vehicle, some drivers can easily open up, and some drivers lose oil and tires are not up, because the latter driver to find a bad route, and then the throttle control is not good. During the construction of the concrete abutment at the apron of Pudong Airport in Shanghai, because many heads of state are going to Shanghai to attend the meeting, the time is tight, and the second general team and the first flight board are required to complete the same number of tasks within two months. The construction was conducted at the same time. The first flight office used two loaders and one bulldozer to feed, but it was not as good as a loader of the provincial technical expert Achikai. The second air team completed the concrete parking apron ahead of schedule. The main experience was in hand. A good technical expert not only has a high level of operating skills, but also knows the layout of the construction site and the construction process. It is necessary to repair the road on which the heavy vehicles travel on a large pile of finished materials, and pile up the accumulated sand and gravel, pile up, and pile up. Close to the feed inlet so that the loader can work at maximum efficiency.
In the construction of dangerous, high-altitude, and collapsible sections, self-protection and preventive measures should be taken. For example, at the unloading surface, using stone chips as a protective wall and shoveling high-altitude materials, the slope of the working surface should be repaired without the accelerator. A reverse gear will be able to retreat in time, and the high-altitude gravel and earth blocks will also be able to withdraw in time. The construction of the collapsed section should pay attention to the compaction of the walking site and the slope of the working face, and fill them with gravel and earth. Driving on long slopes, operating pressure is guaranteed during operation.
Wheel Loader Operation and Use in Construction and Skills Wheel Loader Operation and Use in Construction
In actual operation, depending on the construction site and terrain, the angle of the bucket is set, and the light pedal is linearly forwarded at a constant speed to enter, feel, feel and visually and audibly control the throttle and speed, and cut into the stack to avoid the bucket. The hard objects in the stack collide, leading to damage to the components. During the work, the front and rear axles are driven by four-wheel drive to avoid stress on the single bridge, and the load is too large to damage the spiral gears. When the shovel is full of buckets, the brakes should be stepped on and the reverse gear should be hung so as to avoid the failure of the 1 cylinder cover or the disconnection of the connecting bolts. 2 Rotary cylinder cylinder bearing is damaged. 3 The piston rod end thread is pulled or the groove nut is removed.
Do not lift the bucket loader to raise the height, otherwise it will cause a rollover accident. In the shoveling operation, the working place should be trimmed and the resistance at the time of loading should be too large. Do not increase the throttle arbitrarily. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the motive and waste oil. We must master the route and angle of the shoveling operation, just like the firewood. You will find lines.
Repairing the working path of the loader can improve work efficiency, reduce mechanical losses, save fuel, reduce driver fatigue, and safe construction.
When the loader starts, it cannot walk. In the absence of any abnormal sound, check the gearbox pressure first. If there is no pressure, check whether the valve spring and the variable speed pump are damaged. When the normal pressure loader cannot walk or the power is not available, the front axle is broken. If the front driveshaft is removed, it cannot be walked, which means that the rear axle axle breaks.
In actual work, the loader often fails to start and so on. As an operator, it is necessary to first determine which system part of the machine is faulty, whether there is water in the oil circuit or air in the fuel system, and 2 start-up system failures. , 3 Insufficient cylinder pressure, 4 fuel injection lead angle too early or too late 5 Valve phase incorrect 6 Ambient temperature too low.
During work, attention should be paid to changes in exhaust smoke, black smoke, white smoke, blue smoke, and changes in oil gauges, pressure gauges, and thermometers. Compared with the US CAT9920 loader, the ZL50 domestic loader has a low price, easy-to-buy accessories, and easy maintenance, but it is far inferior to Caterpillar CAT in mechanical performance and quality. ZL50 domestic load manikin stern pin sets, do not install dry grinding pin sets, the pin sets are easy to damage when working in water, increase the driver's labor intensity of butter, butter loss. The brake system must be carefully checked regularly, and the piston of the brake disc is liable to rust, affecting the braking performance and easily causing a safety accident. Does not violate the operating procedures, improve the level of skills, reasonable maintenance of machinery and equipment, in the construction will be able to play a mechanical efficiency, safe construction.
When a new loader is used, it is necessary to carry out commissioning, maintenance, and reinforcement transformations. If the operating system of the new machine is heavy and the operating lever is heavy, the shaft should be removed and the appropriate amount of oil should be added. In the soft shaft, the operator can be reduced. The labor intensity. The sub frame and boom lower pin are welded and , and the forklift is reinforced with a spring steel plate to reduce bucket wear. A diesel filter (2-in-1 oil separator) is installed next to the rear frame, which is beneficial to the life of the engine. The type and label of mechanical fuel and oil should be used correctly, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the machinery.
The daily inspection before work is very important: oil, water, fuel, foot brakes, control of the operating lever, oil pressure, water temperature, brake pressure, gearbox pressure, ammeter, horn, drive shaft locking screw, front and rear tire locks Tighten screws, front and rear axles and other locking screws for the engine, gas tanks, and drains, buckets, and articulated bearings on the bottom of the diesel tank. Only by mastering the mechanical performance and operating skills can we apply safe and safe operation in practical work to create wealth for the country and the enterprise.
In short, high-skilled talents are an important part of the talent team in China. They are excellent representatives of all walks of life and industry forces, and are the core backbone of skilled workers. They are accelerating industrial optimization and upgrading, improving the competitiveness of enterprises, and promoting technological innovation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Other aspects have an irreplaceable important role. It is hoped that high-skilled talents from all walks of life in the country will occupy an absolute majority, so that our country's modernization will be faster and better.
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